Newborns: The Tiny Client

Bennett Collage.jpgBennett Collage.jpg

NEWBORNS!!! 🙂 They are small, helpless, make tiny little squeaking noises, scream, cry, need changing frequently, just want to be held and be close to you, and are just overall an adventure. Whether or not you are a parent or friend of the newborn’s parents, or the Photographer.

Miss Oakleigh gave me the cutest yawn!Miss Oakleigh gave me the cutest yawn!

Miss Oakleigh gave me the cutest yawn!

I have recently dipped my toe into the world of newborn photography. It is my second go at it, and this time I feel a little better going in. Miss Oakleigh was first, and she was a dream to capture. She was a little mad when I got there, but she quickly calmed down, her sweet mama played worship music and just would lay a hand on her. She would doze in and out and give the cutest little expressions, and yawn every now and then. I was so stressed when I got to their house, but so excited when I left, I could not wait to get home and edit her session. Eeeekkk!!! 🙂 Super grateful to have been the one to capture her for her sweet family.

Mr. Bennett was enjoying his nap with the most contented looks on his face!Mr. Bennett was enjoying his nap with the most contented looks on his face!

Mr. Bennett was enjoying his nap with the most contented looks on his face!

Next up was Mr. Bennett. His mother and I are two peas in a pod, so I have been there since the world found out he would be joining us. It has been the coolest thing to be there along the way. And when he was born just two weeks ago, it was so so awesome to watch his mom and dad welcome him into their sweet and amazing family. When he was just a week old, we set up a time for his first photo session and it was the sweetest and most relaxing afternoon. I watched my amazing friend in her element as a mother. She thrives in it and glows and is just so at peace. It is something I felt very very blessed to be a part of. Amazing moms have amazing kids. They pour their heart and soul into motherhood and it shows through their kids. And Bennett is no exception, he is the most relaxed and chill little man I have ever met. He is incredible. Bennett first started impressing everyone he met, when he started laughing outright and smiling so much. He was doing it after being here only a few hours, and he hasn’t stopped.

I can not wait to watch these two little ones grow and become the amazing people that they are meant to be, and I hope to capture many more of their memories for their sweet and amazing families!!

All this to say, I AM IN LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I am so excited about newborns and cant wait to do more.